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This page lists organisations which are working to represent the interests of motorcyclists in their country. The aim is to facilitate contact between riders by providing a convenient free no-frills central directory of contact details.


FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations)

Biker Union (Germany)
BLS (Iceland)
BMF (United Kingdom)
BVDM (Germany)
CMF-Czech Motorcycle Federation
Coordinamento Motociclisti (Italy)
DMC (Denmark)
FFMC (France)
FNM (Portugal)
Kuhle Wampe (Germany)
KMK (Croatia) or
LMI (Luxembourg)
MAG Austria
MAG Belgium
MAG Ireland
MAG Netherlands
MAG UK (United Kingdom)
MP69 (Finland)
MOTOE (Greece)
NMCU (Norway)
SMC (Sweden)
SMOTO (Finland)
SMP (Poland)
OMMRiders (Turkey)

North America

National Organisations in U.S.A.

ABATE: Listings of the state level ABATEs can be found at and
American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)
Motorcycle Riders Foundation:
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)
Helmet Law Defense League

State Level Organisations in U.S.A.

New Hampshire Motorcycle Rights Organization
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association
Modified Motorcycle Association
Bikers of Lesser Tolerance (BOLT)
UnitedBikers of Maine
Riders For Justice
BikePACof Oregon (Political Action Committee)
M.I.L.E.S.of North Carolina
Washington Road Riders Association - WRRA

National Organisations In Canada

British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists: BCCOM
Quebec Motorcyclist Federation
Quebec Motorcyclist Political Actions Committee
Association Motorcycliste Radisson (Quebec)
Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups
Ontario Confederation of Clubs
Bikers Rights Organisation of Ontario


Motorcycle Philippines


Motorcyclists Association Western Cape

South America

As yet we've no details of any organisations working to promote and protect motorcycling in South America. If you can help in any way then please let us know. Organisations do not necessarily have to have email or Web sites to be listed.

Australia & New Zealand

Motorcycle Riders Association Australia (MRAA)

Australian Motorcycle Council Inc, (AMC): Peter Deighan, Secretary,

Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT

New South Wales Motorcycle Council

MCC of NSW Office,
Motorcycle Council of New South Wales,
15 Huddleston Street,

Greg Hirst
41 heath st, Merrylands,
New South Wales 2160,

Phone/Fax 61 2 9635 0761

Bikers' Rights of New Zealand (BRONZ):

President: Ian Hawken
GPO Box 27169
Mt Roskill
Auckland NZ

Phone: 64 9 629 3315

Motorcycle Rider's Association of Queensland
Motorcycle Riders' Association of Western Australia
Motorcyle Rider's Association of South Australia

A link to an organisation here does not mean that their pages are necessarily endorsed by us or by anyone else.We've used a fairly wide definition of the term 'riders' rights' which can be summed up as: "Any motorcyclists organisation actively working to promote and protect motorcycling for all". Please note that this does not claim to be an exhaustive listing of all motorcyclists organisations or even an exhaustive listing of all campaigning motorcyclists organisations.

There are many very worthwhile motorcyclist organisations which do not fall within our definition of riders rights. These would include for example Rider's for Health (a charity organisation specialising in the use of motorcycles in African aid) and the National Association for Disabled Bikers (NABD UK). Listing of specialist organisations such as one make clubs, gay and lesbian clubs, touring clubs is left to national organisations and to the excellent Ronnie Cramers Motorcycle Index.

How to add contacts

Note:If the details of your organisation aren't listed in the directory, or the displayed details are incorrect / out of date, just send David French an email giving the new details and of course including your name and position in the organisation and contact details. For organisations lacking websites or email addresses we will list postal and telephone contact details. To ensure the information in the directory is as up to date as possible we do not list the web sites of separate parts (chapters, regions, districts) of a single organisation or the email addresses of individual officers.

If your motorcyclist rights organisation has a Website then please send us its address.

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Another item of interest to the motorcycling community is the Irish Motorcyclists' Action Group Reps Resource Kit. See the MAG Ireland website for further details.

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